After a fun trip to the ocean park, Louie and I went straight to 70’s Bistro for the Razorback gig. They played with 2 other bands, doing a full set for an hour each. By the time we got there, it was a full house already so we stood up all night.. from a very strategic location, that is. Yay!


Attending gigs is one thing I miss the most, so I was very happy I was
there. Although hoping I could fix the pictures (without getting so much grainy) on Photoshop, it’s my fault that I did not use flash on the pictures. Lesson learned.


Kevin Roy (vox)

Tirso rocking out with the talkbox! Cool!

Autograph signing!

Louie, who’s shirt has received cool remarks from 3 (out of 5) band members, is on his fan boy mode here. Kevin wore a Miley Cyrus shirt that night. We thought he did it on purpose, but his explanation then tells otherwise. Hahahaha

Louie and Louie Talan (bass) Louie&Louie! Hehe

Louie and Tirso Ripoll (guitars)

Louie and Brian Velasco (drums)

Louie and Manuel Legarda (guitars). Apparently, ito lang yung maliwanag na pic. Or maputi lang kasi talaga si Manuel?

My turn! With Kevin! \m/ (Hello Louie, maayos naman kuha ko sayo bakit ganito sakin :( Hahaha)

I was hoping they would play my favorite song, but too bad they didn’t. Pero okay lang, I hope next gig they will!

Also, I regret that I failed to get a copy of their new album.. Or even just a
shirt and asked for their autograph. Huhu. Next time!

It was a fun-filled Saturday. It’s nice when you get to do stuff which you
and your man both enjoy. Bonding!

See you on the next gig! \m/ \m/