The Digital Photographer Philippines’ 6th Anniversary Party

You know something is meant for you when you don’t wish for it to happen, but it actually did. Finally, a photography related event! And it’s not just organized by any photography organization, it was DPP‘s! (which I think, is the best photography mag in the Philippines)

Look at the event details! Aaaaand, partners!

I am not a pro photographer. In fact, I’m not even sure if calling myself amateur is appropriate. But atleast I’m learning a lot so far, and I’m happy that I am able to apply the tricks I’ve been dying to learn so I think.. it’s is a great start! And I’m 80% self-taught, by the way. I credit the 20% from my (1 session) photography class, magazines (from DPP, of course), and helpful friends! Yay! Also, I “perfect” my shots from a trial-and-error method. That’s where everybody learn anyway. :)

Krisha, Mar, and I were on a stroll at High Street after an orientation at the company’s The Fort-based business center when we came into DPP’s event. Although I consider it “destined” for me to attend (or in this case, just drop by. -I have to meet Louie in Greenhills), I was so hyped up about it! It went on for the whole day, from 9:30AM to 12MN, and the event was seriously jam-packed of lectures from only the country’s top photographers, thank you very much. It came with a live/open shoot too! I really, really wish I had more time then so I could attend even just one from the schedule. I was particularly interested at IPHONEOGRAPHY (although I am not an iPhone user). I was hoping I could apply the techniques using my iPod Touch. Hahaha. I didn’t get so much pictures because I was busy looking around. Also, I regret this day that I did not approach Rico Blanco for a picture. Hehe.

Had a hard time choosing the perfect issue for me.

Scanning the contents :P


Live shoot! (FHM ang peg)

Syempre fez ko lang yung na-detect. He he

Next year’s anniversary part is definitely something to look forward to, and I promised myself that I-WILL-BE-THERE.

See you next year, DPP!


Late post! This actually came first before the Zeny Scarlet shoot :( What a busy bee. Anyway, say hello to my first model! Louie volunteered to be the guinea pig of my photography skills (if there are any). Haha!

Eric Martin daw. Hahaha.


I have a thing for boots. <3 Got this one from Forever 21 for the Ilocos trip last year.


Ate Vi

I wish I brought an extra shirt with me. I got extra messy from those hard-to-capture shots! Feeeelingg :))

Shot on location at.. you know, UP. Hahahahahaha I love UP! The trees and fresh air makes me miss UST!

Zeny Scarlet “album shoot”

That photography class I attended was just in perfect timing. The boys of Zeny Scarlet (well, Louie, actually), asked me to shoot them for their album cover. Yes. Album cover. So tell me why would I say no? Hahahaha. Alteast the techniques Sam partook to me was put into application right away. There’s a downside though. One of their bandmates failed to come soooo, I guess another shoot’s up for a scheduling. Yay! This was the first time I actually appreciated taking photos on a manual setting. I have been experimenting a lot since I attended the workshop. After a few adjustments on the dial.. Voila!

Louie in his nagpipigil ng tawa fez

The boys pretending they were looking at a sea of crowd, a la concert scene Hahahaha

“The Walking Dead”

Favorite shots! Silhouette!

Also, here are some shots I took during break intervals. Hehe.

Lens flared!
This one makes me think of summertime.. And Ray-Ban shades. Weird.“Takipsilim” -Louie. Hahahahaha. The worddd!!

Overexposed! Also, I didn’t have my tripod with me so I had to improvise. Hahahaha. Fail pic. I wish tripods come in lightweight and super foldable versions.

I am so much tempted right now to insert an MP3 of my ZS all-time fave song, but I’m afraid Louie would confront me for a what I call an album leakage. The boys just finished recording! Hehe. Anyway, visit their Facebook page here. Oh look, one of my “works” (YES NAMAN) made it on their cover photo!

Shot on location at.. ano pa nga ba.. UP Diliman! :)

Sam Lim Photography Class

I have always loved photography. I did a little bit of modeling, but I wanted to become a photographer too. You might have noticed that there are a gazillion things I wanna do. Well, welcome to Dora the Explorer’s blog! :)

I’m so happy I finally had the chance to immerse myself into a photography workshop. It’s something that I want to take seriously. I already did a little self-study on it, and I’m particularly interested at doing long exposures.. and street photography! Unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to go “on the field” yet, so what I could post here (as of the moment) are my experimental shots on long exposures.

L: Mom, doing a flower (?) R: Sister, doing a teeny-weeny heart

Me and my perfect shaped star! Yay!

I hope my friends and I could go on a shoot some time. Maybe they could spare me a few more tricks I could use. In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to learn from a pro so I took Sam Lim‘s photography class!

Lecture time!

Jotting down notes. Crappy handwriting. I had to catch up okay?

Sam on Prime Lenses vs. Zoom Lenses

When your camera weighs more than your laptop..

Sony NEX-5

They look like giant hanging pearls. In short, wala lang.

Time to hit outdoors and shoot!

P. S.: The next post-processed pictures you are about to see are taken by an amateur -and willing to learn(!!) Hahahaha. If you have comments, PLEASE, you are very much welcome to share them. I will take note of each criticism. Haha.

UP Bahay ng Alumni

Me (to Sam): Sam, totoo ba na pag nag focus ka directly sa sun masisira yung camera?

Sam: No.


Colleagues! Hehehe.


More texture!

So? U trying to depict something? Hahahaha!

I think this is my favorite shot. I think. Let me think again.

Sam + Lumix cam!

An important tip I learned (and now using): Go manual!

Thanks Sam! It was fun!

Sam Lim Photography

Venue: The Chocolate Kiss Cafe @ UP Bahay ng Alumni

It’s just a bunny love. A big bunny love.

Louie got me a bunny on my birthday (was named Bugs) but it died 2 weeks after. I got so sad and depressed so we got another one and named it Cheese! She was the most friendly, affectionate, and playful bunny I ever had. Unfortunately she left after only a week :( My cousins and sister know how sad I was when my very first bunny died. I think I was in 8th grade then, when I got one for a Science exhibit -pets edition. Since then, I always had a heart for bunnies. They are too cute to resist! They are low maintenance, just perfect for those lazy, and yet always on-the-go pet owner’s like me.

Anyway, we could not get over the death of our furry friend so we got another one that’s exactly like her! There is no doubt, actually, that they were sibs. They look so much alike (but we determine who’s who by the nose color!) and we got them from the same seller (taken on the same bunny cage) so, yeah, definitely sibs! It’s a boy this time and guess what we named him: Cheese II (the 2nd)! Hehe. It was a clever idea that we had, but who said that we stopped from there? We got another bunny and named it Bugs II. Hahaha. Pero it died just last Tuesday so what’s left of us is baby Cheesy. Cheese was as friendly and playful as his bunny sister. He’s so cute, he even made it to my cover photo on Facebook

Unfortunately, we didn’t know the playfulness will fade soon after he ate some expired pellets. :( From now on, I will never buy pellets at some local pet shop, ever! Poor Bugs II, I think that caused his death. Huhu sorry baby Bugs :( Anyway, we decided to take Cheese to the vet the next day after Bugs (II) died.

Here’s Cheese at the vet

He was so weak! :( Poor baby Cheesy. Good thing we brought him to the right vet clinic! Goodness, I forgot the name. Hahaha. It’s located somewhere in West Ave., QC. Will try to hunt for it the next time. Some vet clinics specialize only in dogs and cats so be sure to find one that can accommodate your little furry babies as well. It’s been 5 days since we took him to the vet and he’s okay now, thank you Doc Villegas! He gave Cheese antibiotics, electrolytes, and a topical ointment to treat his now fungus-infected feet. I love Cheese so much, he’s almost like a real baby to me. I hope he grows to be a happy, healthy bunn bunn.

Also, all the research I made brought me to very informative sites.. All about bunnies! I hope all the bunny lovers out there would find this useful.


House Rabbit Society:


The Bunny Shed:

Bunny Mama:



One grassy afternoon. ❤

So I decided to blog about this really fun (and wala lang) shoot my friend and I did last year. The original plan was to have the shoot with Mr. Sun working on the background, but he seemed to be on a siesta break at that, and didn’t bother showing himself. BUUUUUUT, Victrixia was pretty good at it, and with some few adjustments, *VOILA*, instant lumiwanag ng konti effect! -Which, she promised to teach me. Yay :3 I intentionally did not post this on Facebook sooo, whatever it is that I cannot (and don’t want to) put there, I’d just post in here. Hahaha. Outdoor shoots are always a gazillion times more fun than studios’ because you get to do it in some kind of freestyle way. We really had fun, then hung out at Katips after the shoot.. And did some reminiscing from the good ol’ elementary and high school days, over pizza and pasta. Also, we plan to have another shoot and I caaaan’t wait! Props to Victrixia Montes for the awesome pics! Color grading by yours truly. Some fail shots are in it too.

I sat, and leaned, and rolled, and ran, and blew bubbles, and popped ’em bubbles then blew sammore, and ate some yummy and nutritious grass. I loved nature more. Although she’s itchy and full of insects.. and dirt… I still love her, with all my heart.


The ‘ano na?’ look slash pose.

Pulling off a semi-farm girl look and..

..Success, woohooo!

Getting down on Friday.

Can I just say, that this has been THE longest Friday night for me? HAHA Japeth and Jeremy were both solid Franco and Razorback fans.. aaand so I got an invite for this P&P Tattoo grand launching event at Eastwood. ALSO, they held a 50% off tattoo sale! Pero good for the day lang.

Surprise of the night: A dude, (a sort of promotions/brand marketing guy) AMBUSHED us to be on an energy drink TVC. OMEGESH. I have no idea which channel it is most likely to get aired, but I’m guessing it’ll be on 2nd Avenue/ETC since I’m seeing a lot of events related commercials on those two lifestyle channels. Oh well. If you happen to spot a Joanna-ish girl on TV, PLEASE disregard, and put in your mind that it is just an illusion. Hahaha.

I’m not actually familiar with it but the world of wide web has informed me that it’s a US original, a MONSTER energy drink-like type of energy drink. HAHAHAHA Plus, I have watched this All Time Low music video promoting Rockstar energy drink (in various censor-worthy ways) when I liked their PH based page. (Okay so wish ko nalang na sana doon nalang i-upload yung commercial, at ‘wag nang i-air sa TV. LOL)

Haven’t got any picture of Franco due to some reasons soooo, what I have lots of are Razorback’s.

Crowd started to get filled up with fans for the last act of the night.


MANOR naman pala :P

It izz blarred, sarry. Those OBEY shirts were really cool, I want one too.. with the ‘SECURITY’ print at the back, FYEAH.

OH. The one, and only complete picture of the gang. Which izz blurred tooooo. BOO. Japeth-Joanna-Jeremy! Look, 3Js! I realized it JUST NOW. Well let’s gow, J team. :P

BANCHETTO NIGHT! And t’was my first time there too! I just had to search for burgers right away when we got there. Burger monsters at Monster Burger. HAHA.

HA! LIA, ETO’NG SAYO! UGH. HAHAHAHA. Lia was supposed to join us on this trip but.. :|

I had an instant arteries-clogging grilled liempo with rice meal after the quarter pounder burger I ate. SARAAAAP. Too bad sobra akong na-umay and nabusog, so I didn’t get to have a slice of cheesecake. Sad. Sana talaga nauna nalang yung dessert no. :P

Grabbed some drinks at Metrowalk after pigging out at Banchetto. *insert pictures here* HAHAHAHA Got busy being a chatterbox so I forgot to take pictures. Anyway, I must commend Jeremy for being a responsible driver, and took a glass of water between intervals of beer. Still I insisted that we go for a coffee break, just to be sure. HAHA.

Faded P&P Tattoo stamp from the grand launching.

Starbucks Metrowalk. Surely, t’was kinda dark pa when we got inside….

And Mr. Sun’s up when we were about to leave. Hahaha.

Hitting the road to Antipolo! Now that’s spontaneous. Grabe lang. Hahaha. It rained just when we took a quick stop to Jollibee.

Finally reached CLOUD 9. No, I did not used an idiomatic statement. Yun talaga yung name. HAHAHA. T’was a little across Padi’s lang.. maybe 5 meters, something like that. Ang ganda lang doon. And it was like having a total escapade talaga. Yeah it was a cloudy to rainy morning pero I still appreciated the place, and the foggy/smoggy view. Perfect for hanging out and de-stressing.

Like a princess :3 HAHA.

Can you spot the dog?

This is a raw, unedited picture I took from my phone. Muma-macro! Looool I liked the raindrops effect. Parang, morning dew ang datingan. Hahahahaha.


Well I liked it there because aside from the amazing mountain view, there were cool antique pieces on display, which goes really well with the place’s theme: vintage-ish. AND I LOVE VINTAGE STUFF.

Freaky fishy.

This Art Gallery makes the place even cool-er.

Going to the comfort room :P

Take two.

The ladies’ comfort room resembled a mini lounge area, with a really nice mountain view as well. Superb.

Garden fountain, vintage style. Ugh.

Perhaps the only thing which sucked from the whole trip was the terrible traffic. It was a long way home, pero I really enjoyed the spontaneous-ity from what’s supposed to be a Friday night out only. HAHA!

Here, I leave a Franco soundtrack for this whole thing.

IndayBote’s the ARSON EP launch

IndayBote just had their 2nd EP launch at Freedom Bar, Anonas Complex last May 6th. AND MAN, T’WAS AWESOME! The beer.. friends, and new found friends.. the bands.. and the music. Not to mention, Tapsi ni Vivian. =))

Check out INDAYBOTE! Contact them through their like page, should anyone wants to get a copy of their EP.

ALL PHOTOS ARE COURTESY OF NICO SERVANDO. Check out his really cool site here!

Lloyd, Neen, JOMAR, RAI (focusing), Sot!

I enjoyed my ‘work’ at the booth as the ‘stamp’ girl. I let people choose between the kitty stamp and the rainbow stamp, which looked like bruises on my skin -according to Sot.. while Rai did all the math. :p

GIRLS! Tracey, Timmy, Neen.

THE Cyrus Fernandez hosted the EP launch.


Bote boys reppin’ Nick Automatic, yo!

There’s what I call the Sisig na TABA.

MARSHEES! China, Neen, and I.. and our Chupa Chups :3


With Sot, who did nothing but bully me all night everytime he passes me by. He saved me from the Happy Horse though, of which existence’s I had no idea about.. ’til Sot told me. We traded our beers. Haha.

Beer drinking COMPETITION, FYEAH. Ladies’ edition. Did gents’ had theirs too? Hindi ko alam eh. Lol

Freedom Bar’s got a full house.






…aaaaand IMBUE NO KUDOS!

Pero mas gusto ko, yung INDAYBOTE :)

China and I sang everything from the top of our lungs, and still we are no match with Neen’s. =)) THE INDAYBOTE “BACKSTAGE PEOPLE” ARE REAAALLY PROUD OF THESE GUYS.. AND GIRL. Well, I know I am. That’s for sure.

Siguro yung breakdown/djent-djent-djent-DJENT sa ‘When the Night Falls’ ‘to. Hahaha.

Meet the crew:

Neen Cabangis -Vocals

Lloyd Cunanan -Guitars

Paulo Sotelo -Guitars

Enzo Zulueta -Bass

Daryl Alvarez -Drums

WELL I… I actually recorded a video (if you may call it that) of my dear IB friends playing their first song. UNFORTUNATELY, the Freedom Bar lighting did not allow me to soooo, I realized, I should have just had an audio record of it. FAIIIIIL =)) Anyway, here it is. And yes, don’t forget to visit their page peeple. Rock out y’all!