Manila Ocean Park

“Fish are friends, not food.” -Anchor, Chum, and Bruce (Finding Nemo)

Perhaps one perk of my job is getting a chance to have lots of connections. Manila Ocean Park happens to be the company’s client, and we held an activity there some time last April where I met this girl from their marketing department. Thank you Joyce for hooking me up with 2 awesome tickets! Yay! So there I surprised Louie with the park tickets and he was so cute getting excited and all. Hehe.

We had our late lunch at Pancake House. While waiting for the food, I took a little sneak into Facebook and my timeline updated with a gig sched from Razorback! Little die-hard-fan-boy instantly had that YES-TARA-MAMAYA-SAAN-BA-YAN face, and the rest was history. Hahahahaha. But first, we had to enjoy the ocean park (and food)!

Louie’s BLT

Since I was on a strict(???) diet, I had to get something from their brown rice dishes. Spicy chicken fillet with brown rice pilaf!

Sharing blueberry pancakes

The pancake had a baby!

Next, park!

Pretty lights

Did I mention it was my birthday gift for him too? Hahahaha

Eating popcorn while waiting for the show to start! Excited to see the sea lions! <3

Cool!! Avatar-ish!

Crocs relaxing in style



Freaky stingray-face shot


Sunset <3

Now that’s something I wanna try in time for feeding frenzy

About to ride the glass-bottom boat

Here’s the fun part: FISH SPA! I was planning to insert the movie clip I took while we were on it and realized it was nothing short of a nonsense video. Sobrang puro tawa lang, and I can’t even concentrate kasi sobrang nakaka-kiliti. Hahahaha!! You’ll get used to the nibbling after a few minutes :)

Sabi ni kuyang taga fish spa, pag marami daw nibble fish ang nasa feet mo, marami/makapal dead skin mo. Hi Louie, alam na!

Souvenir heaven! So colorful!

Louie is a shark fan. Hehe

..and apparently, starfishes too. Cute!

So.. many… Nemo eyes staringggg

I want!

It was my second time to be there, and I was so happy with the huge improvements! Next time, I will try the Aquanaut! I’m not going to spoil anymore the colorful fish pictures, so it is up to you to just visit them there :) Also, I’m creating a separate blog for the Razorback gig which was after this trip. I have one concern before I end the blog though. Somebody told us that a lot of fishes have died due to flash photography! :( I have noticed a lot of people not following the warning signs and it really annoyed me. The ocean park staff should implement a more strict policy for this, or the fishes will sacrifice. Remember, fish are friends!


Late post! This actually came first before the Zeny Scarlet shoot :( What a busy bee. Anyway, say hello to my first model! Louie volunteered to be the guinea pig of my photography skills (if there are any). Haha!

Eric Martin daw. Hahaha.


I have a thing for boots. <3 Got this one from Forever 21 for the Ilocos trip last year.


Ate Vi

I wish I brought an extra shirt with me. I got extra messy from those hard-to-capture shots! Feeeelingg :))

Shot on location at.. you know, UP. Hahahahahaha I love UP! The trees and fresh air makes me miss UST!

One grassy afternoon. ❤

So I decided to blog about this really fun (and wala lang) shoot my friend and I did last year. The original plan was to have the shoot with Mr. Sun working on the background, but he seemed to be on a siesta break at that, and didn’t bother showing himself. BUUUUUUT, Victrixia was pretty good at it, and with some few adjustments, *VOILA*, instant lumiwanag ng konti effect! -Which, she promised to teach me. Yay :3 I intentionally did not post this on Facebook sooo, whatever it is that I cannot (and don’t want to) put there, I’d just post in here. Hahaha. Outdoor shoots are always a gazillion times more fun than studios’ because you get to do it in some kind of freestyle way. We really had fun, then hung out at Katips after the shoot.. And did some reminiscing from the good ol’ elementary and high school days, over pizza and pasta. Also, we plan to have another shoot and I caaaan’t wait! Props to Victrixia Montes for the awesome pics! Color grading by yours truly. Some fail shots are in it too.

I sat, and leaned, and rolled, and ran, and blew bubbles, and popped ’em bubbles then blew sammore, and ate some yummy and nutritious grass. I loved nature more. Although she’s itchy and full of insects.. and dirt… I still love her, with all my heart.


The ‘ano na?’ look slash pose.

Pulling off a semi-farm girl look and..

..Success, woohooo!