Manila Ocean Park

“Fish are friends, not food.” -Anchor, Chum, and Bruce (Finding Nemo)

Perhaps one perk of my job is getting a chance to have lots of connections. Manila Ocean Park happens to be the company’s client, and we held an activity there some time last April where I met this girl from their marketing department. Thank you Joyce for hooking me up with 2 awesome tickets! Yay! So there I surprised Louie with the park tickets and he was so cute getting excited and all. Hehe.

We had our late lunch at Pancake House. While waiting for the food, I took a little sneak into Facebook and my timeline updated with a gig sched from Razorback! Little die-hard-fan-boy instantly had that YES-TARA-MAMAYA-SAAN-BA-YAN face, and the rest was history. Hahahahaha. But first, we had to enjoy the ocean park (and food)!

Louie’s BLT

Since I was on a strict(???) diet, I had to get something from their brown rice dishes. Spicy chicken fillet with brown rice pilaf!

Sharing blueberry pancakes

The pancake had a baby!

Next, park!

Pretty lights

Did I mention it was my birthday gift for him too? Hahahaha

Eating popcorn while waiting for the show to start! Excited to see the sea lions! <3

Cool!! Avatar-ish!

Crocs relaxing in style



Freaky stingray-face shot


Sunset <3

Now that’s something I wanna try in time for feeding frenzy

About to ride the glass-bottom boat

Here’s the fun part: FISH SPA! I was planning to insert the movie clip I took while we were on it and realized it was nothing short of a nonsense video. Sobrang puro tawa lang, and I can’t even concentrate kasi sobrang nakaka-kiliti. Hahahaha!! You’ll get used to the nibbling after a few minutes :)

Sabi ni kuyang taga fish spa, pag marami daw nibble fish ang nasa feet mo, marami/makapal dead skin mo. Hi Louie, alam na!

Souvenir heaven! So colorful!

Louie is a shark fan. Hehe

..and apparently, starfishes too. Cute!

So.. many… Nemo eyes staringggg

I want!

It was my second time to be there, and I was so happy with the huge improvements! Next time, I will try the Aquanaut! I’m not going to spoil anymore the colorful fish pictures, so it is up to you to just visit them there :) Also, I’m creating a separate blog for the Razorback gig which was after this trip. I have one concern before I end the blog though. Somebody told us that a lot of fishes have died due to flash photography! :( I have noticed a lot of people not following the warning signs and it really annoyed me. The ocean park staff should implement a more strict policy for this, or the fishes will sacrifice. Remember, fish are friends!

It’s just a bunny love. A big bunny love.

Louie got me a bunny on my birthday (was named Bugs) but it died 2 weeks after. I got so sad and depressed so we got another one and named it Cheese! She was the most friendly, affectionate, and playful bunny I ever had. Unfortunately she left after only a week :( My cousins and sister know how sad I was when my very first bunny died. I think I was in 8th grade then, when I got one for a Science exhibit -pets edition. Since then, I always had a heart for bunnies. They are too cute to resist! They are low maintenance, just perfect for those lazy, and yet always on-the-go pet owner’s like me.

Anyway, we could not get over the death of our furry friend so we got another one that’s exactly like her! There is no doubt, actually, that they were sibs. They look so much alike (but we determine who’s who by the nose color!) and we got them from the same seller (taken on the same bunny cage) so, yeah, definitely sibs! It’s a boy this time and guess what we named him: Cheese II (the 2nd)! Hehe. It was a clever idea that we had, but who said that we stopped from there? We got another bunny and named it Bugs II. Hahaha. Pero it died just last Tuesday so what’s left of us is baby Cheesy. Cheese was as friendly and playful as his bunny sister. He’s so cute, he even made it to my cover photo on Facebook

Unfortunately, we didn’t know the playfulness will fade soon after he ate some expired pellets. :( From now on, I will never buy pellets at some local pet shop, ever! Poor Bugs II, I think that caused his death. Huhu sorry baby Bugs :( Anyway, we decided to take Cheese to the vet the next day after Bugs (II) died.

Here’s Cheese at the vet

He was so weak! :( Poor baby Cheesy. Good thing we brought him to the right vet clinic! Goodness, I forgot the name. Hahaha. It’s located somewhere in West Ave., QC. Will try to hunt for it the next time. Some vet clinics specialize only in dogs and cats so be sure to find one that can accommodate your little furry babies as well. It’s been 5 days since we took him to the vet and he’s okay now, thank you Doc Villegas! He gave Cheese antibiotics, electrolytes, and a topical ointment to treat his now fungus-infected feet. I love Cheese so much, he’s almost like a real baby to me. I hope he grows to be a happy, healthy bunn bunn.

Also, all the research I made brought me to very informative sites.. All about bunnies! I hope all the bunny lovers out there would find this useful.


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