I have waited for so long to unleash the daredevil in me, to feel the adrenaline arousing and just let it out. I’m pretty sure that everybody is most likely to agree when I say that it is indeed sucky when you can’t work your plans out with your friends after getting delirious, and I think I just got used to it. This trip has been planned about two years ago, a month before summertime on our sophie year. NO WAIT, that’s right, PLANNING OFTEN CAME INTO PICTURE. (How can I not forget that? It got me anticipating my first ever trip to Enchanted Kingdom, but what do I get? A crushed heart, every single time. Talk about getting your hopes high.) I’m just glad it finally pushed through this time. Yes, finally.. After college graduation. *Thanks ha.* HAHA. Atleast my two-year anxiety has been put to end. I.. AM NOW… AT PEACE.

It feels kinda different when you go on trips with your friends after graduation. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the I-don’t-care-I-have-no-school-and-enrollment-to-worry-about feeling. And that’s when fun becomes endless. Yay!

As that Ohio Express song goes, “Yummy yummy yummy, I got love in my tummy..” ♫ But there’s nothing in our tummy so we had to stop by Walter Mart McDonald’s at Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

AAAAAND I look like I’m about to burst into laughter. Actually, everybody is, after a really stupid joke by Roxy. Pero ako lang ang hirap mag-pigil. Obvious ba? Ay, si Noel din pala. =)) You know what happens next after the shot.

Roxanne is my date for the day. Sorry naman sa scarf and hoop earrings nya, I had to be the acting boyfriend tuloy. Okay lang, ’cause in reality, I am way girly-er than she is. Hahaha LOVE YOU!

Got tickets in time before the front act band plays in the concert! –Wait, rephrase! I meant, EK opening! Para kasing concert tickets eh. Plus the excited fan-like look/smile.

Les girls at EK. Yesss!

First ride we took was the DODGEM, a.k.a. bumper cars. LOL. This was the second ride. Sa sobrang pang-baby, nakalimutan ko na yung ride name. I’ll just call it, the Coaster for Babies. Faking the coward screams as we reach the semi-‘peak’ of the ride was the fun part.

And I quote from Roxy’s Shakespear-ish words, this is the CHALLEYNGE of the day. (That makes it the word of the day too. Haha.) Well, mine actually. And Noel’s. We’re wearing the freaking Cowardly Lion Badge of Courage, see? EKstreeeeme! When we were locked to safety, I knew there’s no holding back.


Anchors Away! There was some sort of team building, “Extra Challenge”-like shenanigan happening before we could have a ride. The mga “ka-henerasyon” were really fun to watch. =)) Hahahaha.

(farthest to nearest) <– HAHA. Me, Roxy, Erica. Credits to Jayford!


Actually the real race was choosing which kart to ride. I came in third, obviously.

It was so fun, even the part when my kart crash took place. Nabangga ako, masaya ka na?  Haha! Ganun pala yung feeling pag aware ka na mababangga ka, ano.

Just because, I AM THE BEST DRIVER. They all suck at driving, they don’t even know the basics like the proper wearing of helmet. :P *kaya nga ba lahat ng alikabok pumasok sa helmet nung nabangga, kasi hindi pala naka-baba yung glass shield thingy*

SPACE SHUTTLE. Ahh, now here’s taking the extremity up a notch. It would have been totally fun if the EK crew who was supposed to ensure my safety, accidentally locked the safety gear thingy (which does not loose up ’til some kind of ‘release’ button gets hit) with my left hand getting crushed in it. Screaming “ARAY KUYA, ARAAAAAAY!”, freaked out and hurt, was all that I could do. Result? A terribly bruised and swollen lefty. Didn’t bother reporting the incident ’cause I was the very kind and ever forgiving kind of ‘passenger’. PASSENGER?? Haha! Ano ba, ‘rider’? Hindi din naman customer.. Anyway, nobody wanted to take the ride, except for me and Noel. Yes he was my extreme buddy, I guess. Syempre gusto kong i-try, first time eh. :P

Again, there was no way I could get my ass outta there.

Rio Grande Rapids. MISMO. Nuff said.

Tried to stay away from ze ‘dangers’ of les waterfallz but… *VOILA!*

Ran over a colleague. Hi Yvette!We thought Flying Fiesta would be of great help in drying out our clothes. The Rio Grande Rapids and Jungle Log aftermath. HAH! Eggheads. 

And here’s when Noel consistently wiggles in their seat, scaring the shit out of Karen. #howsweet HAHAHAHA.

Feeding time! =))

Lil’ Orbits! Cinnamon flavored doughnuts and other confections are spelled as HEAVEN.

Wheel of Fate. IT WAS ONE CRAZY RIDE. Literally. There was an awesome view of Sta. Rosa once atop the ferris wheel, though our asses froze to death. Noel wanted to kill us too. By us, I mean, the girls. *girl screech everywhere*

The last ride.. attraction, rather, was Rialto. Happy Feet’s Mumble doing his penguin tap dance. :3

One thing that I (and prolly other amusement park goers and lovers) hate about Enchanted Kingdom, is their early closing time. I mean, 9PM? Whyyyy? :/ Anyway, everything’s been summed up into this video, with some bonus bloopers and other non-sense to crazy stuff.