Librong Worm Part 1: The Happiness Project

Hi!! :D

I know I haven’t posted a single blog for the 2nd quarter of the year okay -_- Well except for the Megadeth blog (albeit posted in August, it happened in July so technically it’s not counted). I had to go through a lot of stuff and did not get the chance to blog. Hence, this post shall be tagged as the come-back blog! Yay! Hahaha.

I’ve always wanted to finish reading a book pero, ewan ko ba, it’s always either tatamarin ako magbasa when the story gets boring, OR, makakalimutan ko na may tina-try pala akong tapusin na libro! For realz! *And the Laziest of the Laziest-est Ass award goes to..* When I downloaded iBooks it never had a single content until just about 2 months ago. But I had crappy stuff downloaded on it so, meh, hindi pa rin sya naging interesting.    :( I’ve got site recommendations for eBook downloads but it didn’t work. UNTIIIIIL, Karen suggested I’d try ePub Bud. Okay naman! Pero may kulang pa rin. (But was a BIG help! Yay thanks Karen!) And when KC read my tweet about my ‘progressing’ eBook collection, she sent me a total of 360 MB of eBooks on email! -7 batches of compressed files, wazzap?! Very supportive! Hahahaha And it had some eBook versions of those I’ve been eyeing on Fully Booked for sooo long! Haaay. So many books, so little time -_-

I’ve decided to give this book the first shot. I love the attractive cover btw. Heehee

*Click the image to get redirected to The Happiness Project site!

I have to say that this book is living up to its name. I know because, I’m only on my 3rd night of reading it and I’m already on the 327th page (out of 1092)! I swear this time I can see myself finishing this book, I sweaarrr. I find it helpful at making its readers realize in details, the value of the things we do to attain happiness and that there is more to it than just a mere feeling. CHARRRR!

Kidding aside, I personally think that it’s a great book and it’s something that uplifts the spirit, and provides optimism! A perfect pick-me-upper, it is definitely worth your time.

What books/eBooks do you enjoy reading now? :P


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