Zeny Scarlet “album shoot”

That photography class I attended was just in perfect timing. The boys of Zeny Scarlet (well, Louie, actually), asked me to shoot them for their album cover. Yes. Album cover. So tell me why would I say no? Hahahaha. Alteast the techniques Sam partook to me was put into application right away. There’s a downside though. One of their bandmates failed to come soooo, I guess another shoot’s up for a scheduling. Yay! This was the first time I actually appreciated taking photos on a manual setting. I have been experimenting a lot since I attended the workshop. After a few adjustments on the dial.. Voila!

Louie in his nagpipigil ng tawa fez

The boys pretending they were looking at a sea of crowd, a la concert scene Hahahaha

“The Walking Dead”

Favorite shots! Silhouette!

Also, here are some shots I took during break intervals. Hehe.

Lens flared!
This one makes me think of summertime.. And Ray-Ban shades. Weird.“Takipsilim” -Louie. Hahahahaha. The worddd!!

Overexposed! Also, I didn’t have my tripod with me so I had to improvise. Hahahaha. Fail pic. I wish tripods come in lightweight and super foldable versions.

I am so much tempted right now to insert an MP3 of my ZS all-time fave song, but I’m afraid Louie would confront me for a what I call an album leakage. The boys just finished recording! Hehe. Anyway, visit their Facebook page here. Oh look, one of my “works” (YES NAMAN) made it on their cover photo!

Shot on location at.. ano pa nga ba.. UP Diliman! :)

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