One grassy afternoon. ❤

So I decided to blog about this really fun (and wala lang) shoot my friend and I did last year. The original plan was to have the shoot with Mr. Sun working on the background, but he seemed to be on a siesta break at that, and didn’t bother showing himself. BUUUUUUT, Victrixia was pretty good at it, and with some few adjustments, *VOILA*, instant lumiwanag ng konti effect! -Which, she promised to teach me. Yay :3 I intentionally did not post this on Facebook sooo, whatever it is that I cannot (and don’t want to) put there, I’d just post in here. Hahaha. Outdoor shoots are always a gazillion times more fun than studios’ because you get to do it in some kind of freestyle way. We really had fun, then hung out at Katips after the shoot.. And did some reminiscing from the good ol’ elementary and high school days, over pizza and pasta. Also, we plan to have another shoot and I caaaan’t wait! Props to Victrixia Montes for the awesome pics! Color grading by yours truly. Some fail shots are in it too.

I sat, and leaned, and rolled, and ran, and blew bubbles, and popped ’em bubbles then blew sammore, and ate some yummy and nutritious grass. I loved nature more. Although she’s itchy and full of insects.. and dirt… I still love her, with all my heart.


The ‘ano na?’ look slash pose.

Pulling off a semi-farm girl look and..

..Success, woohooo!

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