Operation resurrect blog!

It’s been almost a year since my last blog post, and I can’t believe how I let a lot of awesome moments just end without even blogging for it. Also, I discovered just a month ago that my Vimeo account has been removed by.. well, Vimeo, for like 6 mos. ago for some reason. I tried getting it re-activated but unfortunately the Vimeo staff told me (via email) that it has been removed permanently and there is no way I’m gonna¬†retrieve my uploaded videos. And I spent a lot of effort making those. I’m not so sure if I still have them on my laptop so.. Oh well, sh*t happens.

Q: What made me get back into blogging?

A: Well I have been anywhere and doing anything since I got my first job last year. You know, semi-independence issues when you’re already working for yourself and you actually have the power/right to do anything you want because YOU ALREADY CAN. And lately I have been having VERY adventurous taste buds and feet. I have traveled to different places for the previous months, and have been into dining. Thus, the new “food enthusiast” tag which I am now, yay! I have been posting pictures of my adventures and misadventures on both Twitter and Facebook and my friends have been asking me to blog about them already. Napa-isip din ako eh. Hindi yata mura mag food adventure ha, so I might as well just say something about it na rin. And come to think of it, blogging is fun! If you are diligent enough, you will benefit from the countless posts that you did. Instant trip down the memory lane! Now I’m back (hopefully) with fresher, brighter ideas for my blog. I have sooooooooo many pending topics to write about soooo, I better get into typing now! It’s a stretch! :)

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