Testimonial for the Quadricentennial Batch of Scholars

My Becarios de Santo Tomas family.

4-year Santo Tomas scholarship in college. Given the hardships I have gone through, I don’t know how I did it.. BUT I DID. And that’s one thing I am really proud of. And so are these people too.

BeST has provided each and every scholar, a family in UST. That thing’s for sure. Now ’tis be the last social gathering of all graduating scholars. THE Quadricentennial batch of Thomasian scholars.

(See if you can find me.) March 2011

Free as a falling leaf.

What happens when school is over (for good), you miss your friends, there’s a cool bazaar happening over a relatively cool place, and you’re making the most out of the remaining days before your graduation? Answer? A day of pigging out and shopping, hanging out by the sandy playground, “cool place” hopping, and more grass. AND burning of moolah, which is unmistakably their common denominator.

There were three destinations listed on our itinerary for the day, topped by The Grove, for the SuperSale Bazaar. I knew my girls would say yes right away after asking them out to tag along with me. Well bazaars never fail in becoming a really nifty shopping haven anyway, so we ended up with an awesome loot. Shopping has caused us a rumbling stomach so we had to check out a smattering of food stalls, and took advantage of the breezy tambayan for photo ops. The rest of the pictures were taken at Tiendesitas and Eastwood.

*takes a deep breath* SO, here goes the shenanigans.

Opss, lip biting. Hahaha.

Here’s when I get serious in eating.



And here’s when it gets less serious.


Stuffed cheeks. Eh di alam na.

Hacienderas. Joke. :p

Hiiiiiii! :)

Colorful kicks!

Hi! Bye. :D

ROXY: “Nasan ba kasiiii?”

ME: *nomnomnomnom*

Holla chikas!

Jump shots are overrated but, who cares? I JUMPED! :) Hi Karen, what’s up? I mean, what’s down? HAHAHA

Karen and Erica = ♥

Find the diff.

Yeah right, I wish I was this fair. Faker picture, boo!

Transferring the photo shoot scenery from grassy to sandy.

I thought we bullied all the kids away?


Ewan ko ba, pero mukha talaga syang resort. Or maybe it’s just the sand.


Photo kudos to ate-na-may-dalang-dachshund. Sya na.

Joke lang. Mas appropriate dito yung “Find the diff.” na caption. *points up and down in a hasty manner*

Showcasing some tweeting skills.

(At Tiendesitas)

Oh hello there, baby! :>

These people are crazy shoppers. That’s why I love them.

“The lights are now on us..
The stage surrounds us..
But it’s you,
It’s you I remember.”

Ay mali, inappropriate caption. Hahahaha.

Kaya lang, BAWAL. I’d remain unemployed for the rest of my life. Hello, future Flight Attendant.


Too pretty to get utilized and deteriorated, but cute enough to eat.

With all due perseverance, I insisted on having dinner at Fazoli’s in Eastwood.


Oh %^$@# these tasty bread sticks! The fact that they’re an eat-all-you-can item is enough to keep em peeps comin back.

Or perhaps, to keep Joanna comin back.

PASTE-a. :p

Self-timered. Voila!

NAH, di naman nakakapagod eh.


UST Baccalaureate Mass

I cannot believe that our tenure of stay at the university is bound to end in four days. In the meantime, here are the Quadricentennial batch of graduates at the much (emotionally) awaited Baccalaureate Mass.

I had a hard time catching up with the 4PM assembly time since I’m coming from my practicum at NAIA. Getting extremely haggard and sweaty are the horrible aftereffects.

(Credits for this particular photo goes to Guggles Reyes.)

KC dropped a text message and came over to have her blouse sort of autographed. HAHAHA A lot of students did the same thing with the SET of uniform they wore on that day. -and went home without having them changed

Alam niyo yung uhaw? (We sneaked out and bought some thirst quenchers, also, ‘craving satisfiers’. Well they had milkshake. I opted for the good ol’ Happy Fanshu milk tea.)

At mainit pero ang ganda ng sky? Roxy and I called it the Tumblr-ish sky.


And what a better way to celebrate the night with a late Mister Kabab dinner! -Which by the way, kinda became the reception venue for the baccalaureate mass goers. Obviously, it’s a Thomasian favorite.

Bumped into some friends! Maricor, Mark, and Cherry Mae. (didn’t get to have a picture with the latter though)

BY THE WAY, ayaw ko nitong Spongebob toy na nasa car ni Noel. Ang freaky ng smile eh, nakakatakot. =))